Miriam Milord’s

“Garnett’s energy is infectious, she is an incredible force that changes the energy in every room that she enters, her light shines so bright while she continuously pours into others & uplifts everyone around her. ”

Terri Streat’s

“I first met Garnett when I engaged her services to coordinate and manage the Marketing and PR for the launch of my new business… Garnett’s passion and genius blew me away! As I grew to know and admire Garnett, our business relationship blossomed into an amazing friendship and ultimately a partnership. I can attest to Garnett’s, dedication, passion, creativity and work ethic. It’s these qualities that made me have no hesitation in partnering and investing with Garnett as she has a proven track record of success! ”

Khamel Rajkaran’s

“Like I told her before, when I first met Garnett in 2001 I saw her vision. It was all in her eyes. She gave all that she did her everything. I knew that partnering with her would be the best thing for us. I knew her vision and this opportunity was something I needed to jump on. A force to be reckoned with. You are a visionary, G. Partner with someone who has the same drive & work ethics, you won’t fail. I know I will never fail with us as a team. I am beyond proud of you babe. Looking forward to The Taco Mami’s. ”

Miriam Milord’s
Andre Farrells’s

Mike Fink’s

“I have worked with Garnett Phillip for several years on Internet Branding and Social Media projects both for industry and Education clients. She is a dynamic and creative person with the perfect skill set for these applications. Without hesitation, I attest to her accomplishments and professional work product in these areas.”

Dr. Stephen Appea’s

“From our collaboration, I can conclude that Garnett is an energetic, visionary, goal oriented and self-motivated professional with a broad range of skills including creative problem-solving, careful attention to detail and effective communication.”

Kibbibi Oyo’s

“Garnett was able to look at our curriculum and seamlessly add to it”

Eleanor Conte’s

“P.S. 83 in the Bronx used the Social Media For Kids program as a workshop for our students in grades 3 To 8. The workshop was very informative and the goal is to keep our children safe from online predators & bullies. The children learned a lot from it and I highly recommend it for parents as well as students. Thank you Garnett.”

Andre Farrells’s

“After working with Garnett on various business projects over the years when the idea to open a business together was finally presented to me I knew immediately that any business with Garnett would be successful. She is passionate about her craft, resourceful and adaptable which are critical characteristic traits of a successful business owner. Her tenacity and drive is unmatched. I’ve watched her make nothing out of something, bring people together and create an energy that people want to be around. Our small business in such a short amount of time has done well and I have her to thank. This is why decided to Invested in Garnett and am looking forward to future partnerships.”

Dr. Nadia Lopez’s

“Garnett took a national issue like cyber bullying and became a pioneer by creating a program that informed our parents and scholars to protect them from the dangers that exist online. She has developed the answer to one of our educational systems concern.”

Maria Callender’s

“Self motivated, committed, a master multi tasker, ambitious and a fresh breath of air. Garnett developed our computer lab and integrated technology in the classroom. ”

Mike Fink’s