Eric Zurita
Pa’Lante Rum

“ In my time working with Garnett I’ve learned her success is not just an effect of her business savvy. She cares equally about culture, her customers, and rum — and that’s why I’m ecstatic Pa’lante is part of her bar program. “




Kigan Jo
Bounty Rum & Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum
Marketing Manager

“ Garnett is a pioneer in the space of modern-day rum bar owners. At her rum bar in Flatbush, you could explore the Caribbean and the Americas through the rum tour that is the back bar of The Rogers Garden. To have rums from Spiribam’s fine rum portfolio and the rums from my birthplace St Lucia represented at Garnett’s bars is a testament to her vision of educating her community and neighbors on fine quality rums from around the world. “




Abdul Fofanah
Wray & Nephew

“ What Garnett is doing for not only the Brooklyn Rum community but the global Rum community is monumental. She is helping lead the way for Rum on one of the biggest mixology stages, Brooklyn NY and it’s an honor that our brand Wray&Nephew is there to represent Jamaican rum like she is representing us.”




Karen Hoskin
Owner – Montanya Rum

“The Rogers Garden quickly became one of my favorite bars in NY. The vibe here is incredible between the music, the beautiful outdoor patio, special pop up events, the classy indoor bar, and the welcoming owner, Garnett Phillip. And I haven’t even mentioned yet the fantastic cocktails! I’m a daiquiri fanatic, and the daiquiris here are all that I hope for. The rum selection is excellent because Garnett and her crew have worked hard to be in the know. So worthwhile to visit!”

Miriam Milord’s
Andre Farrells’s
Daniella Sanchez
Area Manager
Dos Maderas Rum



“The Rogers Garden is one of my Favorite rum bars in nyc. Garnett is the owner & an entrepreneur with multiple businesses. She is a true rum connoisseur, who’s always figuring out different ways to elevate her cocktail menu. As a woman in this male dominated industry, it’s inspiring to see other women thrive in this world. Please if you haven’t been at the The Rogers Garden, you must go!”




Phil Barlow
Coconut Cartel



“While I didn’t know a lot about Garnett prior meeting her, I knew she has a love, passion and tremendous palate for rum. Watching Garnett’s reaction to tasting Coconut Cartel for the first time was simply wonderful. “

Dr. Nadia Lopez

“Garnett took a national issue like cyber bullying and became a pioneer by creating a program that informed our parents and scholars to protect them from the dangers that exist online. She has developed the answer to one of our educational systems concern.”

Mike Fink’s